June 9, 2010

San Antonio Summer FREEBIES!!!!

Big THANK YOU to Jody for passing along the following information!  More Cheap (or free) summer ideas to come!!

Book Store Events:
Toy Story 3 Event at Barnes and Noble

Every Friday at 10:30am at the Twig (Pearl Brewery) Miss Anastasia Storytime!! 

Inflatable Bounce Houses and indoor play places
Tuesdays and Thursdays – HALF price Rolling Oaks Mall Inflatable Wonderland (10am-9pm). ½ price is $6.50- 6909 N. Loop 1604 E. #2063, San Antonio, TX 78247, (210)212-4386

Tuesdays and Thursdays- HALF price Emerald Rainbow Family Fun Center (11am-5pm), 20,000 square feet of inflatables, mini bowling, rock climbing, batting cages, arcade games mini golf, and food! 21155 Hwy. 46, Spring Branch, TX 78070
one mile west of US 281, Phone: (830) 980-8981

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Cody Library 11441 Vance Jackson
Contact Information: For more information call 210.270.9000
This event is FREE and open to the public. There will be fun, educational activities,and a special appearance by Curious George. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Great page to find stuff:

Store Events:
Free Crafts for Kids!
Every Saturday from 11am – 3pm, Lakeshore Learning Store offers FREE craft activities for kids ages 3 and up at all of our locations.

Bass Pro Shop

Witte Museum- Free admission on Tuesdays from 3 to 8pm.
Thursday evenings is FREE general admission to the McNay Art Museum.

Not free but very cool... http://www.alamo.edu/sac/ce/scobee/faqs2.html

Texas Transportation Museum
Great new place with great playground for kids, good food and drinks for mom an dad!

Mondays at the wonderful La Paloma Norte!!!!!! Its on the corner of Evans and Bulverde with the green umbrellas :)! Make sure you get a pineapple mojito, for you, not the kids...ha ha ha ha
Other Fun Stuff
Also, if you have a SA Zoo membership you can get in at 7:30am! So fun to take breakfast tacos and watch them feed the animals and have the zoo all to yourself.

Magik Theater:
Not Free but not expensive is the http://www.magiktheatre.org/ and the Hemisphere playground is right next door. How I became a Pirate is through this weekend and then it is Snow White and the Seven Amigos!

Fort Sam Houston:
Fort Sam Houston has been many things since it was built 140 years ago: an Army post, a supply depot, a prison for Apache Chief Geronimo … Today, the fort's quadrangle is home to deer, rabbits, chickens, geese and ducks. The fort is also the site of one of San Antonio's most fascinating historical monuments. Take your grandchildren on a tour of Texas history that they can see, touch, and feel, in a spot where the animals are tame enough to feed from your hand.
Info: Free
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Roller Skating:

Baskin Robbins has dollar scoop night every Tuesday night

All sounds great Jody...especially the pineapple mojito!!  Thanks again!!


Meet Hudson!

Hudson goes to Kaia's school and he is super smart.  He is always answering questions and just as important, asking them.  He has always been very considerate and his delightful personality definitely shines but the last week of school he did something WONDERFUL!
When I went to pick up Kaia from school her teacher pulled me aside and shared a little story with me.  She told me that today was the first day that any of the kids had ever said anything about Kaia's hemangioma.  We knew this day was coming soon.  We have done our best to prepare Kaia by telling her that the big red bulge on her head is her "beauty mark", that it makes her special and different.  I also call it her "nice button" and she has to automatically be nice when I press it.  My mom tells her it is where an angel kissed her.  So far, she has been happy with those answers and she even seems to be proud of it.  But, we knew one day someone who isn't in her family would point it out, and of course, I worry about how she is going to take it.  Well, Hudson was the first.  Their conversation went like this, 
Hudson: "Kaia, what is on your head?" 
Kaia: "My beauty mark, it makes me different"
Hudson: "Can I touch it?"
Kaia:"Ummm, sure"
10 seconds of investigating
Hudson: "Kaia, it is very cool"
Kaia: "I know"  :)

Doesn't seem like that big of a deal but when you realize that HE IS THREE YEARS OLD, it is a big deal!!  It also meant a lot because her teacher told me that the other kids were watching this happen and guess what?  After Mr. Hudson declared it was cool, that was good enough for the other kiddos and they went right along with their business.  Kids can be mean these days and already at such a young age, Hudson is recognizing and appreciating differences in others and I think that is SUPER GREAT!

Thanks for making Kaia feel safe and secure in her little world!  

We all know the saying, "Behind every good man, is a good woman".  We all know that 99% of the time, it is true!  I feel the same way about kids!  Behind every good kid, is a good parent(s).
So it comes as no surprise that Hudson's mom is wonderful!

Kristin is a teacher by trade and a stay-at-home mom by choice of two little boys (teachers always tell me that they always know who the TEACHER'S KIDS are...hoping this is a good thing).  Kristin works hard to keep a nice home, a strong marriage, and two healthy, happy kiddos.  I am always so impressed when I run into her at2 how "together" she seems.  She also always has a smile to offer everyone around her!
Hudson is a true testament to what an amazing mom Kristin is!  You are doing a fabulous job girl!  Keep up with good work!!!

June 7, 2010

We Have a Winner!!!

Whew Whooooo! Stephanie Owens and D'Layne Kelly won The Little Gym Camp Day give-away!
Both have two monkeys so all four kiddos will get to enjoy all the fabulous things The Little Gym Camp days offer!

I hope you two mommies get a well deserved break and I hope your little ones enjoy The Little Gym as much as my two do!!!