Why Blog?

So why did I start this blog?
Not to make money
Not to shed my ever-expanding knowledge to all the world (HA!)
Not to soak up ALL the free time I have (HA HA HA HA!!)

This idea seriously came to me TODAY! This may be TMI but to get a better grasp on who I am, I feel like it is an important "piece of the puzzle" for you to have. I have been suffering from PPD ever since I weaned my son seven months ago. I am FINALLY in a place where I feel like my body is starting to work right again and my mind is clear (go figure, this is happening as I GET OFF the medications I was on and supplement my body with the right kinds of nutrients). I have felt "flat" for seven months and haven't really been myself. NOT ANYMORE! I am on a mission to get back that time with my kids, make myself stronger and healthier, renew relationships, smile more, and embrace the amazing and blessed life that surrounds me!

I started this blog to LEARN and get perspective on other mother's and friend's experiences and expertise. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have called for advice or suggestions from my mommy friends who are: a pediatric nurse, a doctor, an expert in chinese medicine, a pharmacist, a counselor, a kindergarden teacher, a high school teacher, a mom of twins, a mom of boys, MY OWN MOM, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, a mom who had a c-section before, a mom who has suffered from post pardom depression, a mom who never raises her voice at her kids, a mom who seems to have the perfect discipline measures in place, a mom who "has it all together". All these women are amazing resources and I have learned a TON from them but I need a way to document all I have learned and am learning. More importantly, I feel like this is a GREAT way to learn MORE and get ideas!! I'll be honest, I am a little (okay a lot) tired of reading, for example, an author's book about raising a three year old, and then turn around to discuss it with my mommy friends and half of them want to throw something at me for even bringing up that book because their three year old doesn't "fit the mold". I have a BFF that has thrown her Babywise book in the fire one night while her baby lay SCREAMING in the bed for 30 minutes. Believe me, I am not saying those books aren't helpful! I have read a bunch of them and implemented things from them in my kids daily lives and seen many positive results. But not every kid is the same, physically or mentally! Not every kid responds to discipline the same, emotion the same, rewards the same! It hit me today that I could provide a forum for discussion and suggestions about 1000s of subjects in one place from many different moms who care about what is happening in all aspects of their kids lives.

I try to compartmentalize my life like my husband and most men can so easily do but I can't! I go to gym and think about MY KIDS. I go get a massage and think about MY KIDS! I go out with the girls and we promise not to talk about our kids and we talk about...OUR KIDS! So now I want to document all those things that run through my mind because I know there are other moms out there wondering the same things or pleading with people to see things from another side!!

I plan on posting news and research findings dealing with kids, posts from my friends who are experts in certain fields, posts and comments from readers who have great info to offer,give-away's, silly stories about my crazy family and friends families (only if given permission), nutrition and fitness info for kids and families, holistic healing info and resources for more information, education info, different point of views on issues affecting our kids, and much more! The thing that is going to make this blog successful is YOUR FEEDBACK! There will be a mom out there who is thinking or feeling the same thing. COMMENT PLEASE!!!

I am not promising a post everyday (sometimes I don't even shower everyday...I know, GROSS)! I am not promising much but when I see or hear something that I feel other moms would want to know about, talk about, disagree about, or I need help with, you can guarantee it will a topic on the blog!

I hope this blog meets my expectations and I hope it turns out to be how I envision it! I will glady accept any constructive criticism you may have!!