June 9, 2010


Meet Hudson!

Hudson goes to Kaia's school and he is super smart.  He is always answering questions and just as important, asking them.  He has always been very considerate and his delightful personality definitely shines but the last week of school he did something WONDERFUL!
When I went to pick up Kaia from school her teacher pulled me aside and shared a little story with me.  She told me that today was the first day that any of the kids had ever said anything about Kaia's hemangioma.  We knew this day was coming soon.  We have done our best to prepare Kaia by telling her that the big red bulge on her head is her "beauty mark", that it makes her special and different.  I also call it her "nice button" and she has to automatically be nice when I press it.  My mom tells her it is where an angel kissed her.  So far, she has been happy with those answers and she even seems to be proud of it.  But, we knew one day someone who isn't in her family would point it out, and of course, I worry about how she is going to take it.  Well, Hudson was the first.  Their conversation went like this, 
Hudson: "Kaia, what is on your head?" 
Kaia: "My beauty mark, it makes me different"
Hudson: "Can I touch it?"
Kaia:"Ummm, sure"
10 seconds of investigating
Hudson: "Kaia, it is very cool"
Kaia: "I know"  :)

Doesn't seem like that big of a deal but when you realize that HE IS THREE YEARS OLD, it is a big deal!!  It also meant a lot because her teacher told me that the other kids were watching this happen and guess what?  After Mr. Hudson declared it was cool, that was good enough for the other kiddos and they went right along with their business.  Kids can be mean these days and already at such a young age, Hudson is recognizing and appreciating differences in others and I think that is SUPER GREAT!

Thanks for making Kaia feel safe and secure in her little world!  

We all know the saying, "Behind every good man, is a good woman".  We all know that 99% of the time, it is true!  I feel the same way about kids!  Behind every good kid, is a good parent(s).
So it comes as no surprise that Hudson's mom is wonderful!

Kristin is a teacher by trade and a stay-at-home mom by choice of two little boys (teachers always tell me that they always know who the TEACHER'S KIDS are...hoping this is a good thing).  Kristin works hard to keep a nice home, a strong marriage, and two healthy, happy kiddos.  I am always so impressed when I run into her at2 how "together" she seems.  She also always has a smile to offer everyone around her!
Hudson is a true testament to what an amazing mom Kristin is!  You are doing a fabulous job girl!  Keep up with good work!!!

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