May 30, 2010

I received my first blogger award!

Michelle at My Kind of Crafts nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Rules for receiving the award are:

1. Thank the person who gave me the award
2. Share 7 things about myself
3. Pass the award on to 15 (sorry...didn't get to that many) fabulous bloggers
4. Contact the bloggers I have picked and let them know about their award!

Thanks Michelle!!

Seven things...hmmm?

1. I am sort of a "jack of all trades". I know a little about a lot! I am a mom, science teacher, volleyball coach, personal trainer, certified as a nutrition specialist, a wanna-be photographer (working on this one), and I'm sure tomorrow, I will add something else to the list :)

2. I want to learn to play my guitar SOON!

3. My husband makes me laugh the most out of everyone I know and I am the most competitive with him!

4. My nickname (which I hated) while teaching was Biology Barbie (I know, BARF!!)

5. I love everything about entertaining! I host parties, coffees, BBQs, and showers as often as I can!!

6. I hope I always remain an athlete and motivated to work out and stay healthy and pass that on to my kiddos!

7. My kids make my world go around and keep me smiling all the time! I am truly blessed

Here are my favorite bloggers! I am passing this award on to them!!
Three Little Birds
Free People

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lesli!

    Thanks for the sweet comment and wow a blog award?!! haha :) I still have one from months ago I've been meaning to do so maybe this will get me going on it. I' get so backed up on blog posts, i forget to do these so if you don't see it for a while just remind me. Looks like you do ALOT of great things!! my kind of girl :)

    Have a lovely day!!!