May 20, 2010


Each week I am going to gather great mom stories about their AMAZING KIDDOS and post a Kid and Mom of the Week! If you are the mom that is shy about bragging as most of us are, but love celebrating your kids, you will love this!
They are wonderful little creatures and should be celebrated and encouraged constantly! Let's not forget that stellar mom who is behind all that goodness! Good Job Kiddos and Good Job Mom!!

So here is our first one!

Cole is the smartest 10 year old I know! He loves to read and learn. He is a boy scout, on the swim team, and in a robotics club (that you have to be hand chosen for). Cole is a great big brother to two younger siblings.
Last week Cole lead his team to WIN the entire 4th grade class Battle of the Books competition! Sound exciting? It gets better! Cole read 19 Bluebonnet Books and the competition involved questions about ALL 19 books! Questions about authors, characters, plot, selective passages in those books!! Cole SMOKED the competition firing off answers!
They now advance to the district competition this week! Good Luck Cole! We are all cheering for you!

Cole's Wonderful Mother...Cassandra!
Last week I get a phone call from Cassandra. After getting two kiddos ready for school and on the bus, she dropped off another at MDO, what's next? Off to Cole's school for the Battle of the Books competition. I could hear the nervousness in her voice as she explained to me that last year Cole's team won second place and although they were very proud of him, he was very disappointed! She told me how he had stayed up the night prior going through those 19 books, studying and reviewing with his father. She was so anxious and excited for him. Rushing to catch the last ten minutes of the competition, she told me she would call me later.
In about half an hour, I GET THE CALL! She was out of breath, almost in tears, and happiness sprung from her voice! "Lesli, can I share this with you?". "Of course, I replied". "HE WON, HE WON", she shouted! I could hear the strain to fight back tears. "He was so awesome"! "His smile"! "He had the biggest smile"! "He wore the purple ribbon and held up the trophy with the biggest smile"! I was smiling ear to ear as I listened to her GUSH about her smart son! This had made her day! Her week!
"District, WE ARE GOING TO DISTRICT"! "I am going to make signs!" "I am so excited"! "I am so happy for him"! "He worked so hard"! "I feel silly, but I am so happy"!
We chatted another ten minutes about how FAST he answered, and how accurate his answers were! She told me how other moms in the crowd kept commenting to her how SMART Cole is, how amazing he was, how he has a super memory! We joked about how Cole got his father's brain but how she will take the credit for it anyway :)

Cassandra was a super mom that day without even knowing it! She shined with pride watching her kiddo succeed! It inspired me! It made me look forward to the next 10 years. It made me want to be a better mom! I didn't tell her any of this but I am now....Cassandra YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM and it shows through your words, actions, and wonderful kids! Thanks for inspiring us!

Oh yeah...did I mention, SHE IS GORGEOUS??

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