May 26, 2010


Since my husband and I are both athletes (I almost typed "former" and then corrected myself...we will always be athletes, at least in our own minds!), it is very important that we instill a love for exercise and physical activity in our kids lives. As soon as my daughter was walking, my husband wanted to know which sport we were going to put her in. Now that the baby boy is walking, he wants to set up tire drills in the backyard. I know it is crazy, but that's how we roll :)
So we joined The Little Gym. The Little Gym has been a big part of our lives since Kaia was a baby. It was her first "social" activity that I enrolled her in and she was only 9 months old. She loved it so much! I noticed how every time we went she became more comfortable with not only the other kids, but the other moms and dads in the class. She also quickly became comfortable on the equipment and began challenging herself to new tasks and taking risks she normally would not take. It was my favorite 45 minutes of each week because it gave us the opportunity to bond with each other and as she slowly tried new things, I could see her trust in me grow as she knew I would be there to catch her and spot her. Kaia enjoyed the class so much we even had her one-year birthday party there! Even at three-years-old, we still do "rollie-pollies" together and "whoop-te-do's" in the living room floor.

Now I take Kristian. He loves it too but on a whole other level. He is a wild one and loves to run and jump and fall down. He is also trying new things and challenging himself but I love that it is in a safe environment and all while he is interacting with other children. He loves to watch me run and jump and walk across the balance beam. He even claps for me and then tries it himself.
Here he is!!

This was Kaia at eleven months!

I have been thoroughly impressed with the instructors and curriculum at The Little Gym. The instructors are great about teaching parents how to safely spot their children and constantly encouraging the kids even when they are having a bad day or not wanting to try an activity. The curriculum is top-notch. Parents and kids learn a new sign each class, new songs, and each class has a theme where we work on a different "strength" that our kids possess!

I would recommend The Little Gym to anyone with kids and I am excited to announce the following give-away!
Read more about The Little Gym here!!

This is a local give-away! If you live in San Antonio, this one if for you!!
The Little Gym on Thousand Oaks has FOUR CAMP DAYS TO GIVE AWAY!!!

Read about The Little Gym Camp Days HERE!

The camp day is three hours long so stick around and watch your little one(s) have a ball or meet a friend out for a meal and some shopping and enjoy some MOMMY TIME!!

Your child/children must be 3-8 years old and be POTTY TRAINED!!
Camp days run Mon., Tues., Wed. from 1pm - 4pm and Thurs. and Fri. from 9am - 12pm. You get to pick the day!

Each week has a special theme and each day has a different, creative lesson plan. Your child and their friends will love to go on a new adventure each time they attend camp! The specially designed camp curriculum combines physical activity, gymnastics and play with arts, crafts, and special events.

Even better: If the mommies who win have more than one child, the camp day give-away includes ALL ELIGIBLE SIBLINGS!!
The day is for the FAMILY :) :)

The dates for the camp day give-away are as follows (note: the give away includes ONE DAY of each week so there are FOUR WINNERS):

June 14th - June 18th WILD WEST!
Get ready to "Gitty-up Partner" - for this Wild West adventure here at The Little Gym! Each day of this camp may be wilder than the next - what with "Ropin' Pigs", "Runaway Stage Coach Rides" and of course the "Buckin' Bronco Hoedown!" But leave your holster at home! All you'll need for this Wild West Ride is your smile, your imagination, and a cowboy boot full of "gumption" (whatever that is!).

June 21st - June 25th Jolly Roger's Hidden Treasure
The Little Gym Pirates embark on unforgettable adventures on Pirate Island as they search for the "Jolly Roger's Hidden Trasure" - the silliest pirate that ever tickled a squid! Searching for strange clues that have our little pirates doing everything from straddle rolls to back handsprings is just a sample of what is in store. Will they find the treasures? What kind of incredible pirate gymnastics and games does Jolly Roger do to get his "jollies"? You'll just have to hop on boards and see!

How to Enter:

1. Visit The Little Gym website and comment on this post that you did so
2. Become a fan of ALL THINGS MOM on Facebook
3. Follow ALL THINGS MOM on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. Leave this link:
4. Follow ALL THINGS MOM in Google Friends Connect (click Follow on ALL THINGS MOM Home Page)
5. Email five friends the link to ALL THINGS MOM and tell them about the give-away! CC me on it at

Note: WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED June 4th!! Thanks to the Little Gym for providing ALL THINGS MOM with the camp days. Please make sure your child fits the age criteria before entering. ALL THINGS MOM will contact you if you win and will contact The Little Gym with your name, contact info, and specific date(s) your child/children are planning on attending.


  1. Leslie any ideas on bug spray on toddler faces? I put it on their body (after 1 yr) and wash it off when we come in but recently mosquitos are attacking my kiddos faces. Certain brands to recommend and application for small faces techniques? LisaP

  2. Lisa - I JUST bought california baby's bug repellent spray for both my kiddos! All natural, DEET FREE, hypoallergenic. Used it yesterday and so far no rashes, breakouts, etc. No bites either but need a good camping trip to really test it out!!
    Will look into this more for you :)

  3. Lesli!

    Great blog! You have your own style!

    I am so excited that you love The Little Gym as much as we love you and your little ones!

    <3 Miss Gillian (your substitute coach!)