May 18, 2010


WELCOME to ALL THINGS MOM! Okay so let's get right to it, I am one of those moms! I hear something disturbing about things that may affect my kids and I jump online, on the phone, or over to the library or bookstore to learn more. So I decided to put all those things in one place...RIGHT HERE!

So here is your chance to take a peek into what is "ruffling my feathers" or what I feel passionate about, especially when it comes to my babies! I also wanted a place to pass on and gain information that may be useful in raising my children. The more feedback from you I get, the more useful it is to everyone because let's face it, all kids are unique and different and your experience may help out another mom who is thinking or feeling the same thing so PLEASE...COMMENT AWAY!!!
Happy reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

p.s..I tried to get my blog address to match the blog title but it was taken (and so were about 10,000 others I tried) so note the address when passing along :)

p.s.s..To learn more about me and why I started this blog, click on the "about me" and "why blog" link above!!

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